What type of car tire is right for you?

Reviewed on July 31, 2019

Nowadays, driving on the road is mainly concerned with safety. If anyone has heard the saying that “good shoes will take us to good places” car tires too. Because even if the road is wet or flooded, the good car tires will help us reduce accidents. Today, Borneo will reveal the tips on choosing a car tire, ‘What type of car tire is right for you?’ as an alternative for motorists during the rainy season.

1. Divided by rubber characteristics

Bias Tire
With features of softness, stability, and durability.

Radial Tire
With features of softness, stability, good resistance to waring down, stop confidently.

2. Divided by trier tread characteristics

Rib Pattern
Works well on smooth road conditions.

Lug Pattern
Suitable for use on rough roads, smooth paths with low or medium speed.

Rib Lug Pattern
It is a combination of the fine strength and rough trie tread use for a semi-smooth path.

Block Pattern
Suitable for off-road use in both mud and sand.

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