Particulate Respirator Mask for PM 2.5

Reviewed on December 12, 2019

During this cold weather silent danger concealed with a thin mist in the morning, it is the dust like ‘PM2.5’ that is too small for a person’s nose to filter. The toxins and dangers of PM2.5 dust also irritate our body, such as the nose, throat, bloodstream, respiratory tract, lungs and cause heart disease as well. We can protect ourselves from PM2.5 by eating fruits and vegetables/foods that contain vitamins. Reduce the duration of outdoor activities. And closely monitor the dust situation.

And what is indispensable is wearing the standard mask ‘N95’ version of the United States standard mask with high fibers, because N95 can filter dust as small as 5 microns and also have a filter efficiency of not less than 95%. The ‘Particulate Respirator Mask for PM 2.5’ is the 9010 and 8210 that we will share with everyone.

Particulate Respirator Mask 3M 9010 (N95)
1. Cheaper price
2. Lightweight
3. Easy breathing
4. Easy to keep and carry

Particulate Respirator Mask 3M 8210 (N95)
1. Standard size
2. Excellent ability to trap dust smaller than 0.3 microns
3. Lightweight
4. Long-lasting wear

Lifetime: 3M Particulate Respirator (N95)
– If breathing is difficult or uncomfortable while wearing indicating that the mask or filter may have expired.
– If any part is damaged or the condition has changed from the original, such as the elastic strap should change the mask.

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