Green D You D Happiness – Big Cleaning Day 2019

8 June 2019 @ Borneo Technical (Thailand) Head Office

‘Borneo Technical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.’ organized a ‘Green D You D Happiness – Big Cleaning Day’ under the concept of ‘live comfortably, live happily’ eat good food, good health and good mental health at Borneo Technical (Thailand) Head Office. This event is held for the 9th year. The opening ceremony began from planting the Mok tree to help protect against pollution, creative dressed of the staffs. We have an awards for the most creative dressed and the most cleaness. The atmosphere in the event is full of friendship, smiles, fun and happiness. We are Borneo family, we join together to create a good environment, making this house a pleasant place. As the concept of Japanese people who have cultivated since being a child in the matter of cleaning things around. We do an exterior cleaning, paper reduction and clear the hard disk file in our computer. This is something that everyone should not ignore. We believed that this will help to produce more productivity. Furthermore, the cleaning activity can be easily start from ourselves and it’s also like a workout activity.