6 ways to make the home strong, stand, and safety

Reviewed on August 7, 2019

Someone said that “Where is not as happy as our home” because home is considered as one of the four factors that are essential to life. Therefore, we must keep our home in good condition. Today Borneo would like to present a simple tips ‘6 ways to make the home strong, stand, livable and safety’ for everyone so we can be happy in our home~

1. Check for house roof leaks
If things in the house are wet or sloppy from a leaky roof we can solve this situation by tiling a shingle roof and change the new ceiling as soon as possible.

2. Do not throw waste into the pipe
Do not throw garbage or food scraps into the sewers, because it may cause the pipe to become blocked and unable to drain water. The best way is we should throw it in the provided garbage bags to reduce costs and wasting time on repairs.

3. Regularly check the condition of the electrical plug system
Observe the power cord, plug, and bulb if they are damaged it should be replaced to avoid danger from electrical shock, leakage, as well as fires that may cause injury to home members.

4. Choose the quality of home care products.
Choose the quality of home cleaning products, for example, mops, brooms, wipes, trash can, mop disinfectant, dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner, etc. When we have good equipment, it will make our cleaning more efficient.

5. Always look after the house wall and regularly repair from the damage.
Regularly inspect the wall of the house to see if the wall paint is cracked, peeling, or has powdery dust. If found that the color begins to deteriorate should call a technician to repair the paint, polishing, including coating to prevent termites to keep the house in good condition.

6. Look after the garden
Look after the trees and cut the grass that is overgrown to look orderly because if it clutters, these grasses will become a habitat for poisonous animals such as centipedes which can cause danger. Moreover, we should water the plants so that the trees are shady and grow up.